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Create G-CODE from a STL file for 3D printers.
Basic input data
Upload your file (R)
Allowed file types: stl
Max size : 79 MB
Drag and drop files anywhere
Printer options
Nozzle diameter (R)
Print center (R)
Z offset (R)
Z steps per mm
Gcode flavor (R)
Filament options
Filament diameter (R)
Extrusion multiplier (R)
Temperature (R)
First layer temperature (R)
Bed temperature (R)
First layer bed temperature (R)
Speed options
Travel speed (R)
Perimeter speed (R)
Small perimeter speed (R)
External perimeter speed (R)
Infill speed (R)
Solid infill speed (R)
Top solid infill speed (R)
Support material speed (R)
Support material interface speed (R)
Bridge speed (R)
Gap fill speed (R)
First layer speed (R)
Acceleration options
Perimeter acceleration (R)
Infill acceleration (R)
Bridge acceleration (R)
First layer acceleration (R)
Default acceleration (R)
Accuracy options
Layer height (R)
First layer height (R)
Infill every layers (R)
Solid infill every layers (R)
Print options
Perimeters (R)
Top solid layers (R)
Bottom solid layers (R)
Fill density (R)
Fill angle (R)
Fill pattern (R)
Fill gaps (R)
Top infill pattern (R)
Bottom infill pattern (R)
Start gcode
End gcode
Before layer gcode
Layer gcode
Toolchange gcode
Seam position (R)
External perimeters first (R)
Spiral vase (R)
Only retract when crossing perimeters (R)
Solid infill below area (R)
Infill only where needed (R)
Infill first (R)
Quality options (slower slicing)
Extra perimeters (R)
Avoid crossing perimeters (R)
Thin walls (R)
Detect bridging perimeters (R)
Support material options
Support material (R)
Support material threshold
Support material pattern (R)
Support material spacing (R)
Support material angle in degrees (R)
Support material contact distance (R)
Support material interface layers (R)
Support material interface spacing (R)
Raft layers (R)
Support material enforce layers (R)
Support material buildplate only (R)
Don't support bridges
Retraction options
Retract length (R)
Retract speed (R)
Retract restart extra (R)
Retract before travel (R)
Retract lift (R)
Retract lift above (R)
Retract lift below (R)
Retract layer change (R)
Wipe (R)
Retraction options for multi-extruder setups
Retract length toolchange (R)
Retract restart extra toolchange (R)
Cooling options
Min fan speed (R)
Max fan speed (R)
Bridge fan speed (R)
Fan below layer time (R)
Slowdown below layer time (R)
Min print speed (R)
Disable fan first layers (R)
Fan always on
Skirt options
Skirts (R)
Skirt distance (R)
Skirt height (R)
Min skirt length (R)
Brim width (R)
Interior brim width (R)
Transform options
Scale (R)
Rotate (R)
Duplicate (R)
Duplicate grid (R)
Duplicate distance (R)
Don't arrange
Xy size compensation (R)
Sequential printing options
Complete objects (R)
Extruder clearance radius (R)
Extruder clearance height (R)
Miscellaneous options
Resolution (R)
Flow options (advanced)
Extrusion width
First layer extrusion width
Perimeter extrusion width
External perimeter extrusion width
Infill extrusion width
Solid infill extrusion width
Top infill extrusion width
Support material extrusion width
Infill overlap (R)
Bridge flow ratio (R)
Multiple extruder options
Extruder offset (R)
Perimeter extruder (R)
Infill extruder (R)
Solid infill extruder (R)
Support material extruder (R)
Support material interface extruder (R)
Ooze prevention (R)
Standby temperature delta (R)
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