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14 Jan 2020
Changed generated g-code file extensions to .nc
Small bug fixes and updates

24 Sep 2019
App "STL to G-CODE" final release

1 Aug 2019
Added Background Execution feature for all users with active license:

From now on, the app execution history is saved in the user account, and it allows for background executions - meaning you can initiate an app execution, leave the app page (or close your browser altogether), and retrieve the app results later from the account execution history.

29 Jul 2019
Added new Help section
Added new category "3D"
App "STL to G-CODE" beta release
Added feature: App execution cancellation
Small bug fixes and improvements across the site

13 Jun 2019
The beta phase is over. Our platform is now officially live, and a subscription is required in order to use our Apps.

- Introduced pricing
- Added drag and drop feature
- Added app execution history (for each App execution, your input and the result files are saved for easy retrieval)
- Added quick feedback button

4 Jun 2019
The beta phase will end soon. Guests can execute each App up to 5 times within 24 hours. By creating a free account you can continue using our Apps without restrictions. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated:

16 May 2019
CNC Apps Desktop Version 1 Beta Now Available. Click here for more information.